About Us

A black owned business that creates inspired designs of the African & Caribbean culture and history 

Launching under the brand G.R.I Ghet2Rock International, it was born out of love and passion for fashion as well as the Caribbean Islands and Africa.  G.R.I was created by Orlando Penny which came about from designing pictures from scratch and using different colours inspired images to bring them to life.  Building a business and future for himself and family came after that when he noticed a ‘hole in the market’, in terms of colour meaning and imagery with a story behind it.  Being from St Kitts & Nevis the inspired designs are for people who resonates with the inspiration from the Islands, colours and images

Connections are made through our social media platforms. Our products and images is to bring about the feel of the Caribbean & Africa with the inspired designs.

Our Goals
With our unique and chosen designs our goal is to reach worldwide audiences.  As well as standard t shirt selling, we aim to venture in other types of clothing and ‘get a hold’ of the tourism industry as we can cater and create inspired designs for promotional use.  We are a unique brand in terms of inspired designs and images.  We believe our content strategy should and will serve a purpose.  We are passionate about our inspired designs and the quality control in which our products and materials are made from.  We are passionate about what we do, what we are planning to do and what we hope to achieve in the future.  We believe in taking our time, to make sure our products are produced to a high standard and take small steps towards a larger goal. 

We are working towards in being a creditable brand/company, in which our audience grows with us.  We are creating content that we value and hope resonates with our customer base. 

G.R.I brand draws from the feel of the Caribbean especially from the strength of its waters, colours and islands, the creativity of Orlando Penny, the inspiration of his home town and the skills in creating such inspired designs brings our brand to the forefront for images of representation.  We aim to b

Lastly we want our brand to speak for itself and leave an everlasting impression on our audience.  The strength and passion of the brand comes from the love we have for the Africa & Caribbean culture and history.